Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We're Engaged!!!

Dearest Friends

I know it's a bit post engagement, but we wanted to start this blog as to keep those interested informed of all the exciting things that occur with wedding planning! :) Tyler proposed to me on November 11th, 2007- though I was hoping he'd propose sometime soon I was completely caught off guard that he did it the day AFTER my birthday. To quote him, he wanted it to be it's own special day. Our story is beyond funny, when on my birthday he gave me a cake pan. Though I do enjoy baking in my wonderful cake pan now, I was highly disappointed that I was getting cook wear for my birthday. After some cheering up, I did have a fabulous birthday with martini's and friends and all. The next day we had already planned on going to Falls park in Sioux Falls, so it wasn't a surprise to me when I woke up that Tyler was gone filling up his car with gas. I knew he'd want to get on the road back to Edgerton, WI as soon as our walk was over. We got ready, went to the park and were walking around a whole bunch. We came to a spot where we climbed down the rocks and were sitting near the water- he looked at me and said oh i want to take a picture of you, i'm going to go grab my camera from my car.

He ran to the car while I sat and watched the falls and river flowing loudly through the rocks. He came back and called down to me to come up to sit by this picnic bench that was up on top of the hill. I climbed back up, and sat on the bench not really paying attention to anything be him taking my picture. He then came and sat by me, as I looked at the camera to see if the picture came out well. I was told to close my eyes at which point my heart started pounding. I opened my eyes to see that he was holding a violin case and put it in my lap. I the got confused and opened it to see it filled gold tissue paper and two long stem red roses. It was so beautiful- i picked up the roses to smell them and noticed a small bottle labeled "diamond cleaner" underneath. I then of course started freaking out. Tyler asked me to look around the case, and as i did I saw a small little gold box- he then took the violin case off my lap- and took the little box out and asked me to stand. I of course now have tears in my eyes, he gets down on one knee and tells me he loves me so much and asks "will you marry me, poprosze?" (poprosze-please in polish). I guess he was incredibly nervous because some people were around us, but he did it and I said yes!

Now, it's all about wedding planning. It was crazy at first- I was quite overwhelmed with all the information the excited mothers were giving us. But now, we're finally getting to enjoy our engagement. I love planning little things slowly without feeling rushed or pushed into decisions. Tyler is amazing with how much he helps out with everything! I know that this wedding will be exactly how the two of us want it.

I'll try to keep more posts us, and post pictures as I can!
we miss you all dearly :)
J & T